Build Your Own Chicken Hen house — Nest Construction Design Suggestions for the Handyman

If you can be planning about raising hens you need to buy or build a correct poultry around the. For often the handyman, it can save you a whole lot of money by making your own poultry coop. One of the extra critical design aspects involving the chicken coop is definitely the design of the home. To take care of hens producing fresh new eggs every single day you ought to properly design your own call home. Follow these recommendations intended for a consistent supply of town fresh eggs.

Amount of Nests:

a A good rule of browse is to build one nesting package for each two to help 4 chickens.

a In the event you stack the nests vertically you should construct a small perch in front of the call home for easy accessibility.

Dimension of the Nest:

um The most common dimensions for a new chicken call home is 12 inches broad x 12 inches tall serious x 12 inches large for standard breeds. For sarang burung walet nesting box should be 16 inches wide x 18 inches tall tall x 12 in . deep. It is important to allow sufficient space for the hens to be able to remain upright in the particular nest.

Condition and spot of the Nest:

u The idea is essential in order to keep typically the nest decrease than the roost. Hens like to sleep with the highest point available. Keeping the nest lower than the particular roost will decrease typically the birds from sleeping within the call home.

u Anyone should also build in a lip at the entry of the home. This serves two requirements. First, it keeps the fresh ovum inside the nest and that means you do not end upward with broken ova upon the floor. Second, the front lip is comforting for the hen. The woman will feel more secure and can produce more ovum.

Chicken Coop Nest; Must Have got Features:

u Construct a great outside access front door in order to easily obtain your fresh eggs each morning.

o Put in some sort of lower front lip to keep rubble out there and keep the offspring and straw in this nest.

Final Touches:

u Chickens enjoy the ease of a hay cargo area or perhaps wood bits. Delighted hens are fruitful chickens. A two in . dense layer of pinus radiata hay will reduce the likelihood of breaking an egg when it is placed.

Handyman Design Tips and Harvesting Tips:

o Slope the top of the nest for you to deter chickens from sleeping on the top of nest and developing a mess.

o Location a few bogus wooden eggs or baseballs within the nest to teach your own hens.

o Chickens generate more in a good darker, surrounded nest.

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