Benefits of CBD Oil in Sturge-Weber Syndrome

Sturge-Weber syndrome is another congenital neurological disorder that is often associated with port-wine stains appearing on the face, seizures, glaucoma, and cerebral malformation. The stain is because of occurrence of excess of capillaries near the skin surface.

Sturge-Weber syndrome is an embryonal anomaly that is caused because of errors in ectodermal and mesodermal development. The National Organization for Rare Disorders claims that Sturge-Weber syndrome can occur in one in every 20,000 – 50,000 live births.

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Benefits of CBD for SWS

CBD, which is also a well-known analgesic agent, can help to provide relief from painful headaches. Another major benefit of CBD is that it can treat glaucoma which is another major complication of SWS.

  1. Treats refractory seizures

CBD products are nowadays used for treating seizures for patients affected by SWS. At the Kennedy Krieger Institute in 2017, the role of CBD oil was evaluated to treat refractory seizures in SWS.

The results showed that CBD could help in supporting anticonvulsant medication and also provided effective seizure management. At the beginning of CBD-treatment patients reported an almost 50% reduction in seizures.

  1. CBD is a neuroprotective agent

Many studies were conducted to halt the neuronal loss and also to find compounds that can trigger the healing process. Of late, CBD has been proven to offer a neuroprotective effect and the ability to prevent any damage to the neurons.

The University of São Paulo in 2016 reviewed CBD and found it as an effective neuroprotective agent.

  1. CBD treats glaucoma

There are following few factors that usually lead to glaucoma which is a disorder caused due to an increase in fluid pressure on our eyes:

  • SWS belongs to a disorder which is referred to as phakomatoses
  • SWS cause vascular abnormalities in our eyelids, conjunctive, and retina
  • Choroidal haemangiomas

The University of Aberdeen reviewed in 2004 and established that CBD can treat glaucoma by lowering intraocular pressure.

  1. CBD relieves pain during headaches

SWS were found to be causing headaches though it may not happen too frequently and it could not be treated with any other drug. A study at the University of California was conducted in 2017, by using CBD to treat such headaches.

It was found that CBD could reduce vascular pressure and also fluid pressure on the eyes for glaucoma patients. This could help to treat the basic causes behind such migraines.

  1. CBD oil prevents muscular paralysis

As CBD can help to relax the muscles and prevent neurodegenerative damage, so it can help to avert the development of any generalized paralysis after any episodic seizures in SWS

Thus, we can find that CBD can offer many neuroprotective benefits and also helps in combating this Sturge-Weber syndrome.

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